Finnish refers to something or someone from, or related to, Finland, such as:

  • Culture of Finland
  • Finnish people, the primary ethnic group in Finland
  • The Finnish language, the national language of the Finnish people
  • Finnish cuisine

Other articles related to "finnish":

Battle Of Tolvajärvi - Battle
... regiment which was preparing to make its own attack on the Finnish flank ... By noon, the Finnish troops withdrew to their own lines ... it prevented the 718th from attacking the Finnish flank, and also from sending reinforcements to the south ...
Diet Of Finland - The Porvoo Diet
... During the Finnish War between Sweden and Russia, the four Estates of occupied Finland (Nobility, Clergy, Burghers and Peasants) were assembled at Porvoo (Bo ... The diet had required that it would be convened again after the Finnish War, which separated Finland from Sweden, had been concluded ... settled by the Treaty of Fredrikshamn, but it would be another five decades until the Finnish Estates would be called again ...
List Of Etymologies Of Country Subdivision Names - Finland
... The Finnish language form of the city's name probably originates from 'Helsinga' and similar names used for the river currently known as Vantaanjoki, as documented as early as the 14th century ... Helsingfors comes from the name of the surrounding parish, Helsinge (source for Finnish Helsinki) and the rapids (in Swedish fors), which flowed through the original village ... The Finnish name of Österbotten, Pohjanmaa, or "Pohja"-land, gives a hint as to the meaning in both languages pohja means both "bottom" and "north." Åland - "Waterland", from the proposed ...
Battle Of Tolvajärvi - Prelude
... the Winter War broke out on November 30, the Finnish troops north of Lake Ladoga began a pre-planned retreat before the overwhelming opposition ... The Soviet advance was a serious threat to the Finnish IV Corps' lines of communication ... To counter this threat the Finnish high command assembled "Group Talvela" commanded by Colonel Paavo Talvela ...
East Finnish
... East Finnish culture and dialect are chiefly vested in the Savonians and the Karelians ... being also found commonly in most Western Finnish dialects ... and to Ingria were mainly of East Finnish origin, which is why dialects and languages such as Meänkieli and Ingrian are closer to the East Finnish dialects ...

Famous quotes containing the word finnish:

    A conversation in English in Finnish and in French can not be held at the same time nor with indifference ever or after a time.
    Gertrude Stein (1874–1946)