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Seven Chimneys - History
... Seven Chimneys was built between 1745 and 1750 by Nicholas Zabriskie, and was part of a 500-acre (200 ha) farm ... For its first 158 years, Seven Chimneys remained part of the Zabriskie and extended Zabriskie family, claiming the Ackermans, Harings, and Van Emburghs as its residents ... purchased Seven Chimneys as his country house ...
Chimneys Novels
... The Chimneys novels were two light-hearted thrillers by Agatha Christie, The Secret of Chimneys (1925) and The Seven Dials Mystery (1929) ... Chimneys was a country house, the seat of the fictional Marquesses of Caterham, based on Abney Hall in Cheshire ... The Chimney Murder (1929) was an unrelated novel by E ...
Opening Ten Chimneys To The Public
... In 1996, Ten Chimneys Foundation was established to preserve and share the impressive estate ... Ten Chimneys Foundation opened the estate to the public for the first time on May 26, 2003, which would have been the Lunts’ 81st wedding anniversary ... Ten Chimneys Foundation also continues to fulfill the estate’s original role as a home for the arts by providing programming and resources for theater professionals ...
Seven Chimneys - Architecture
... Seven Chimneys is one of a dozen or so remaining examples of the original Dutch settler style located throughout the Hudson Valley region of New Jersey and ... The foundation of Seven Chimneys is built of rough stone and lime mortar ... Outbuildings at Seven Chimneys include a working wellhouse and 300-foot-deep (91 m) well, and a smokehouse thought to have been built sometime in the late 17th or early 18th century ...
Loki's Castle (hydrothermal Field) - Activity
... The five active chimneys of Loki's Castle are venting water as hot as 300 °C (570 °F) and sit on a vast mound of sulfide minerals which is about 825 ft (250 m) in diameter at its base, and some 300 feet (90 m ... The active chimneys are mostly black in colour, but are covered with mats of white bacteria which are living on minerals and materials emitted by the vents ... The older chimneys are a mottled red colour, due to the presence of deposits of oxidised iron ...

Famous quotes containing the word chimneys:

    When my mother died I was very young,
    And my father sold me while yet my tongue,
    Could scarcely cry weep weep weep weep.
    So your chimneys I sweep & in soot I sleep.
    William Blake (1757–1827)