Charles Babbage - Things Named After Charles Babbage

Things Named After Charles Babbage

There have been a number of locations, institutions and others named after Babbage. They include:

  • The Moon crater Babbage
  • The Charles Babbage Institute, an information technology archive and research center at the University of Minnesota
  • Babbage's, an American software retail store in the 1980s and 90s (it was later merged with other stores, into GameStop)
  • The large Babbage lecture theatre at Cambridge University, used for undergraduate science lectures
  • British Rail named a locomotive after him in the 1990s as part of a program of naming locomotives after famous and significant scientists
  • The Babbage Building at the University of Plymouth, where the university's school of computing is based
  • The IT Service of Cambridgeshire County Council was based in Babbage House on the Castle Park office complex up until December 2011.
  • In Monk's Walk School, there is a block called "Babbage"
  • In Chessington, in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, a road in a new housing development has been named Charles Babbage Close
  • The Babbage programming language for GEC 4000 series minicomputers
  • There is a Babbage Room at Totnes Museum, in Totnes where Babbage spent his youth
  • "Babbage", The Economist's Science and Technology blog

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