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History Of Manufactured Gas - Legal, Regulatory, Environmental, Health, and Safety Aspects of Gas Manufacture
... a gas-works was not the creation of a public nuisance in se, due to the reputation of gas-works as highly undesirable neighbors, and the noxious pollution known to issue from such, especially in the early days ... Indeed, many actions for the abatement of nuisances brought before the courts did result in unfavorable verdicts for gas manufacturers – in one study on early environmental law, actions for ... of lime purification – but also provided that if nuisances of any sort were to issue from the works – a permanent injunction forbidding the production of gas would issue from the court ...
Nuisance - From Britannica 1911
... A common nuisance is punishable as a misdemeanour at common law, where no special provision is made by statute ... In modern times, many of the old common law nuisances have been the subject of legislation ... It's no defence for a master or employer that a nuisance is caused by the acts of his servants, if such acts are within the scope of their employment ...
Environmental Health Officer - History - Inspector of Nuisances
... An Inspector of Nuisances was the title of an office in several English-speaking jurisdictions ... Both the 1847 Nuisances Removal and Diseases Prevention Act and the Metropolis Management Act 1855 defined such an office. 3767 of the Ohio Revised Code which defines such a position to investigate nuisances, where this term broadly covers establishments in which lewdness and alcohol are found ...

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    War is hell and all that, but it has a good deal to recommend it. It wipes out all the small nuisances of peace-time.
    Ian Hay (1876–1952)