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In 2007 Character Options announced they would also be creating Primeval action figures. These included a flying 'Rex' (developed by WowWee) and all main characters (Nick Cutter, Helen Cutter, Connor Temple and Abby Maitland to name a few), in addition some of the creatures (including future predators, Hesperonis and Dodos) and even plastic versions of anomalies. Character also released a large plush toy version of the team's "mascot", Rex. The line continued with the release of merchandise based on the second series of the show, after which the line was cancelled. Character Options no longer holds the license for Primeval merchandise.

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    The birch stripped of its bark, or the charred stump where a tree has been burned down to be made into a canoe,—these are the only traces of man, a fabulous wild man to us. On either side, the primeval forest stretches away uninterrupted to Canada, or to the “South Sea”; to the white man a drear and howling wilderness, but to the Indian a home, adapted to his nature, and cheerful as the smile of the Great Spirit.
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