Caps Lock

CAPS LOCK is a key on many computer keyboards. Pressing it sets an input mode in which typed letters are uppercase by default (i.e. in All caps). The keyboard remains in caps lock mode until the key is pressed again. On some computers, holding down the shift key while caps lock is on temporarily switches to lowercase.

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International Caps Lock Day
... June 28th and October 22nd are annually marked as International CAPS LOCK DAYS as a parody holiday first created in 2000 by Derek Arnold, a user on Metafilter ... Rivaling Caps Lock Days have been since set up, such as August 22nd ...
GNU Emacs - Using Emacs - Emacs Pinky
... users transpose the left Control key and the left Caps-lock key ... Some define the Caps-lock as Control keys as well, or transpose the Control and Meta keys ... often cite Emacs pinky as a reason to switch to vi—even though vi users often transpose Caps Lock with their mode change key for similar reasons ...
Bepo - QWERTY-based Layouts For Latin Script - QWERTY - Polish
... These key combinations (excluding one for “€”) obey states of both Shift and Caps Lock keys, preserving normal capitalization while typing Polish characters ... “Ź” pressing Shift-rightAlt-X is needed, with Caps Lock off ... Key combinations to obtain Polish characters Caps Lock state In combination with Keystroke A C E L N O S Z X U Off right Alt ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ż ź € Shift right Alt ...
Power Book 100 - Features
... The caps lock key on the PowerBook 100 did not have a locking position or a lighted indicator of its status, and to compensate, the System 7 operating system software includes an extension file that ...
Kickstart (Amiga) - Diagnostic Test
... When the caps lock key is repeatedly pressed approx. 10 times, the caps lock LED turning on and off each time indicates the CPU is correctly reading the CIAs ... If the caps lock LED sticks on or off, the CPU is not servicing CIA interrupt requests ...

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