A cam is a rotating or sliding piece in a mechanical linkage used especially in transforming rotary motion into linear motion or vice-versa. It is often a part of a rotating wheel (e.g. an eccentric wheel) or shaft (e.g. a cylinder with an irregular shape) that strikes a lever at one or more points on its circular path. The cam can be a simple tooth, as is used to deliver pulses of power to a steam hammer, for example, or an eccentric disc or other shape that produces a smooth reciprocating (back and forth) motion in the follower, which is a lever making contact with the cam.

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Famous quotes containing the word cam:

    Bonnie George Campbell rode out on a day.
    He saddled, he bridled, and gallant rode he,
    And hame cam his guid horse, but never cam he.
    Unknown. Bonnie George Campbell (l. 2–4)

    The youngest stood upon a stane,
    The eldest cam and push’d her in.
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