Cabinet Office - Ministers


The Cabinet Office Ministers are as follows:

Minister Rank Portfolio
The Rt Hon David Cameron MP Prime Minister

Head of government
The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP Deputy Prime Minister
Deputy head of government, political and constitutional reform
The Rt Hon Francis Maude MP Minister for the Cabinet Office
Civil Service, efficiency and reform
The Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP Minister of State Government policy, Coalition Agreement
The Rt Hon Ken Clarke MP Minister of State
Government policy, Economic affairs
The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP Minister of State

Relations between government and Conservative Party
The Rt Hon David Laws MP Minister of State Coordinating and developing Coalition Agreement policy across government - working to the Deputy PM Nick Clegg and alongside Cabinet Office Minister, Oliver Letwin MP.
Chloe Smith MP Parliamentary Secretary (Minister for Political & Constitutional Reform) Political and constitutional reform (supporting the Deputy Prime Minister); supporting the Minister for the Cabinet Office on some aspects of the Efficiency and Reform and Civil Service Reform agenda, as well as Cyber Security and Civil Contingencies.
Nick Hurd MP Parliamentary Secretary (Civil society) Big Society agenda; Charities; Volunteering; Social Enterprise
Key Conservative
Liberal Democrat

All of the Cabinet Office's ministers, excluding the two Parliamentary Under-Secretaries, are Cabinet members; or are allowed to attend Cabinet when their brief is on the agenda.

The Cabinet Secretary is Sir Jeremy Heywood; the Permanent Secretary is Richard Heaton; the Head of the Home Civil Service is Sir Bob Kerslake, who is concurrently also Permanent Secretary at the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The Cabinet Office also supports the work of:

  • the Leader of the House of Commons;
  • the Leader of the House of Lords; and
  • the Whips Office.

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