Browsing is a kind of orienting strategy. It is supposed to identify something of relevance for the browsing organism. When used about human beings it is a metaphor taken from the animal kingdom. It is used, for example, about people browsing open shelves in libraries or browsing databases or the Internet. In Library and information science it is an important subject, both purely theoretically and as applied science aiming at designing interfaces which supports browsing activities for the user.

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... It is a browsing client which works in cooperation with the Teashark servers which transcode (and partly pre-renders) websites and then sends the results to the mobile device, like Opera Mini ... faster (as this is extra overhead) than 'direct' browsing like most phones built-in browsers or Opera Mobile does, particularly when Wi-Fi, UMTS or HSDPA is used as data transfer medium ... It features a preview based history, tabbed browsing (up to 3-4 pages open at a time), a list of all visited pages like desktop browsers and a nice bookmarking ...
Metabrowsing - Scientific Use
... papers that use the term to describe the browsing of "graphical representations" of documents ... refers to a high-level way of browsing through information instead of browsing through document contents or document surrogates, the user browses through a graphical ...
... The stHrt layered browsing and change user functions are unique to such services ... Layered Browsing creates a layer on top of the start page giving users the ability to surf the web without having to leave their homepage bringing new efficiencies to ... Efficiencies gained are similar to that of tab browsing ...
Browsing - Orienting Strategies
... strategies and that this is what direct our attention and also our browsing - also when we are not conscious about it ...
... Co-browsing, in the context of web browsing, is the joint navigation through the Internet by two or more people accessing the same web pages at the same time ... Early co-browsing was achieved by local execution of software that had to be installed on the computer of each participant ... Some tools provide very limited co-browsing by only synchronizing the page location (URL) of the page that should be shared ...

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    I am still a learner, not a teacher, feeding somewhat omnivorously, browsing both stalk and leaves; but I shall perhaps be enabled to speak with more precision and authority by and by,—if philosophy and sentiment are not buried under a multitude of details.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)