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Early Irish Law - Relationship To The Church and Church Law - Canon Law
... More contradictions exists with Latin Canon Law, such as in the Collectio canonum Hibernensis (Irish Collection of Canons), than with Vernacular Church law ... Brehon law allows polygyny (albeit while citing the authority of the Old Testament) and divorce, among other actions that canon law expressly forbids ... Hibernensis also borrows terms found in Brehon law such as rata from Old Irish rath, a type of surety ...
James Creed Meredith - Career
... Two years later the new Dáil Courts system was set up to replace the English-law based court system, and Meredith was appointed President of the Irish Supreme Court over ... Dáil deputies argued that elements of the Brehon law should be incorporated into the legal system of the new State ... or support from her husband, Meredith pronounced that English Law was retrograde in this matter and that he would give his judgment in accordance with the ...
Early Irish Law - Relationship To The Church and Church Law - Vernacular Church Law
... A number of law tracts that originated from the church were written in Old Irish ... This law was apparently created in 697 under the influence of Adomnán, and was ratified by a number of ecclesiasts and Kings whose names appear in the text ... The idea of the law was apparently to supplement the punishments of Brehon law for crimes against women, children, and clerics ...

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