• (noun): The air that is inhaled and exhaled in respiration.
    Example: "His sour breath offended her"
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Coup De Glotte - Tone Production and Vocal 'attack'
... the throat while governing the maximum economy of the ratio of breath to tone produced, so that a relaxed and pure tone may float freely on the breath ... When singing a note, it is desirable that the release of breath and the attack of the tone should occur simultaneously and without artifice ... if there is any undesirable emission of breath or aspirate (Ha) before the production of tone ...
Breath (disambiguation)
... A breath is the act of inhaling and exhaling ... Breath might also refer to Breath (play), a play by Samuel Beckett Breath (2007 film), a 2007 film Breath (2009 film), a 2009 film Breath (novel), by ...
Breathing - Cultural Significance
... In music, breath is used to play wind instruments and many aerophones ... Laughter, physically, is simply repeated sharp breaths ... Hiccups, yawns, and sneezes are other breath-related phenomena ...
List Of Cash Box Top 100 Number-one Singles Of 1983
... Irene Cara July 9 "Electric Avenue" Eddy Grant July 16 "Every Breath You Take" The Police July 23 "Every Breath You Take" The Police July 30 "Every Breath You Take" The Police August 6 "Every Breath You Take" The ...
Breath, Eyes, Memory - Climax
... The falling action is when her mother, Martine, also comes to Haiti ... Sophie hadn’t spoken to her mother since her mother had thrown her out the house when she had failed the virginity test ...

More definitions of "breath":

  • (noun): The process of taking in and expelling air during breathing.
    Example: "He took a deep breath and dived into the pool"; "he was fighting to his last breath"
  • (noun): A slight movement of the air.
    Example: "There wasn't a breath of air in the room"
  • (noun): An indirect suggestion.
    Example: "Not a breath of scandal ever touched her"
    Synonyms: hint, intimation

Famous quotes containing the word breath:

    Beatrice. Let me go with that I came, which is, with knowing what hath passed between you and Claudio.
    Benedick. Only foul words; and thereupon I will kiss thee.
    Beatrice. Foul words is but foul wind, and foul wind is but foul breath, and foul breath is noisome; therefore I will depart unkissed.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    O for breath to utter what is like thee! you tailor’s yard,
    you sheath, you bowcase, you vile standing tuck.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)