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MLB Front Office Manager - In-Game Errors/Glitches
... Sometimes, when an opposing pitcher walks someone with four pitches, all four pitches are removed from the pitch count ... This only happens for the opposing team ... When an offer is made for a trade between two teams, if you accept the offer, the offer may be cancelled after being finalized ...
Think Twice (game Show) - Gameplay - The Main Game - Round 2 (Imagination)
... Before the show, each team had 60 seconds to review a list of nine words/phrases which are all clues to a puzzle ... Now on a team's turn (starting with the team with the lowest score), each player had 30 seconds to make up a story using those clues with a minimum of six ... clue is revealed on a video wall which is turned away from the other team so that they won't see what clues are revealed ...
S4 League - Gameplay - Game Modes
... Deathmatch mode is of team variation, players being divided into two teams "alpha" and "beta" ... From either team's point of view the opposing team player characters wear red clothes, while nicknames in green text are constantly being displayed next to allied characters ... The objective of the round is to eliminate opposing team "captains", while preserving own team ones ...
Llargues - Rules
... Two teams formed by 4 or 5 players try to attain a certain score (usually 10 points) by throwing each oher a ball with the hand so that the opposing team is not able to send ... was another scoring system called "up and down" (a pujar i baixar), where the team who was losing subtracted points to the winner ... Teams wear in red and blue t-shirts, being red the colour of the team allegedly stronger or favourite in the bets ...
... comes from the Hebrew word meaning "two encampments" or, in this case, two teams ... into two encampments and the room is split in two with the teams facing each other ... are left empty, and one volunteer, typically one of the better players, from each team is placed behind the opposing team ...

Famous quotes containing the words team and/or opposing:

    Once a word is spoken, a team of four horse cannot retake it.
    Chinese proverb.

    With sturdy shoulders, space stands opposing all its weight to nothingness. Where space is, there is being.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)