Boxers may refer to:

  • Plural form of boxer
  • "Boxers" (song), by Morrissey from his 1995 album World of Morrissey
  • The Boxers, or "Fists of Righteous Harmony", participants in China's Boxer Rebellion in the late 19th century
  • Two types of underwear:
    • Boxer shorts
    • Boxer briefs

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List Of Medal Of Honor Recipients For The Boxer Rebellion
... The Boxer Movement, or Boxer Rebellion, was a Chinese uprising from November 1899 to September 7, 1901, against foreign influence in areas such as trade, politics, religion and technology ... of the Chinese Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists were simply called boxers by the Westerners due to the martial arts and calisthenics they practiced ... In June 1900, the Boxers invaded Beijing and killed 230 non-Chinese ...
Metrophanes, Chi Sung - Boxer Rebellion
... During the Boxer Rebellion, the Boxers burned down his print shop and church site ... Isaiah's family, where she was also eventually murdered by the Boxers ... Ioann or John was attacked brutally on June 10, 1900 by the Boxers who—by some reports—chopped off his nose, ears, and toes and hacked away at his shoulders ...
Charles Mayer (boxer)
... Charles Mayer was an American middleweight and heavyweight boxer who competed in the early twentieth century ... at the 1904 Summer Olympics, one of only five boxers in Olympic history to ever do so ... had to compete in two fights to capture his two medals medals, in the middleweight class only two boxers participated ...
List Of Italian Americans In Sports - Boxers
... Lou Ambers (1913–1995), born Luigi d'Ambrosio, boxer ... Carmen Basilio Battling Battalino Sal Bartolo Melio Bettina Tony Canzoneri (1908–1959) boxer Primo Carnera, heavyweight boxing champion during the 1930s and later pro-wrestling champion ... Peter Gulotta, one of the all time great bantamweight boxer world champions ...
List Of Igbo People - Sports - Boxers
1974 — Ngoli Onyeka Okafor December 30, 1979 — an American model, boxer and actor ... Dick Tiger Richard Ihetu August 14, 1929 December 14, 1971 a boxer from Amaigbo, Orlu, Nigeria, was a migrant fighter to Liverpool (and later to America) ...

Famous quotes containing the word boxers:

    It’s the boxers who attract the real women, after all, with their raw primeval strength, beautifully toned bodies and just a touch of vulnerability.
    Eamonn McCabe (b. 1948)