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Windows NT Startup Process - Boot Loader Phase - Loading The Windows NT Kernel
... system starts when certain basic drivers flagged as "Boot" are loaded into memory ... At this point in the boot process, the boot loader clears the screen and displays a textual progress bar, (which is often not seen due to the initialization ... If the user presses F8 during this phase, the advanced boot menu is displayed, containing various special boot modes including Safe mode, with the Last Known Good Configuration, with debugging enabled, and (in ...
Volume Boot Record - Technical Details - Invocation
... The boot code in the VBR can assume that the BIOS has set up its data structures and interrupts and initialized the hardware ... operation if it needs more memory it should query INT 12h for it, since other pre-boot code (such as f.e ... overlays, encryption systems, or remote bootstrap loaders) may be present elsewhere in memory as well (and would typically hide themselves from the boot sector by ...
Linux Startup Process - Boot Loader Phase
... The boot loader phase varies by platform ... Since the earlier phases are not specific to the OS, the boot process is considered to start For x86 or x86-64 when the partition boot sector code is executed in real mode and loads the ... From that point, the boot process continues as follows The first stage boot loader (in the MBR or the volume boot record) loads the remainder of the boot ...
Windows NT Startup Process - Boot Loader Phase - Operating System Selection
... The boot loader, once executed, searches for a Windows operating system ... Windows Boot Manager does so by reading Boot Configuration Data (BCD), a complex firmware-independent database for boot-time configuration data ... Its predecessor, NTLDR, does so by reading the simpler boot.ini ...
Quik (boot Loader)
... quik is a boot loader designed to start Linux on Apple Macintosh PowerPC systems based on the Old World ROM architecture ... Mackerras, and portions of its code were reused in all other Linux boot loaders for PowerPC, including the one known as BootX (not to be confused with the Mac ... Quik's loader boots from Open Firmware and bypasses the Mac OS entirely ...

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