Boas might refer to:

in people:

  • Abraham Tobias Boas (1844–1923), Australian rabbi
  • André Vilas Boas (born 1983), Portuguese footballer
  • André Villas-Boas (born 1977), Portuguese football manager
  • Antonio Villas Boas (1934–1992), Brazilian alien abduction claimant
  • Carlos Thorne Boas (born 1923), Peruvian novelist, writer and lawyer
  • Ernst Philip Boas (1891–1955), American physician
  • Franz Boas (1858–1942), German-American anthropologist
  • Frederick S. Boas (1862–1957), English drama scholar
  • George Boas (1891–1980), American philosopher
  • Harold Boas (1883–1980), Australian town planner and architect
  • Harold P. Boas (born 1954), American mathematician
  • Ismar Isidor Boas (1858–1938), German gastroenterologist
  • Johan Erik Vesti Boas (1855–1935), Danish zoologist
  • Kléber Boas (born 1975), Brazilian footballer
  • Mary L. Boas (1917-2010) American mathematician and physics teacher
  • Ralph P. Boas, Jr (1912–1992), American mathematician
  • Roger Boas, American politician

in other:

  • boa (plural), snake
  • Boas' sign, pain below the right shoulder

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Systems Theory In Anthropology - Closed Systems - Cultural Relativism
... Franz Boas was the first anthropologist to problematize the notion of culture ... Challenging the modern hegemony of culture, Boas introduced the idea of cultural relativism (understanding culture in its context) ... Drawing on his extensive fieldwork in the northwestern United States and British Columbia, Boas discusses culture separate from physical environment, biology, and most importantly discarded evolutionary models ...
George Hunt (ethnologist)
... Hunt (1854-1933) was a Tlingit consultant to the anthropologist Franz Boas who through his contributions is considered a linguist and ethnologist in his own right ... Hunt's collaboration with Boas began in 1886 when Boas first visited the Kwakwaka'wakw ... In 1893, Boas brought Hunt to the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago and taught him how to write the Kwak'wala language ...
List Of Reptiles Of Florida - Squamates (suborder Serpentes) - Boas
... Boa Constrictor - Introduced Brazilian Rainbow Boa - Introduced Amazon Tree Boa - Introduced ...
Boas' Point
... Boas' point is an area of tenderness to palpation to the left of the 12th thoracic vertebra found in some patients with gastric ulcer ... sign is named after Ismar Isidor Boas ...
Pliny Earle Goddard - Life and Works - The New York Years
... History, in New York, engineered for him by Franz Boas ... Goddard became a forceful proponent of Boas's views in anthropology and linguistics, in particular of Boas's conservative view of the validity of dep linguistic ... In 1917 Boas and Goddard co-founded and edited the International Journal of American Linguistics, which soon became the principal organ of American Indian linguistic scholarship ...