Blue Pigments

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Caspian Blue - Blue in Science and Industry - Blue Pigments and Dyes
... Blue pigments were made from minerals, especially lapis lazuli and azurite (Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2) ... To make blue stained glass, cobalt blue (cobalt(II) aluminate CoAl2O4)pigment was mixed with the glass ... Other common blue pigments made from minerals are ultramarine (Na8-10Al6Si6O24S2-4), cerulean blue (primarily cobalt (II) stanate Co2SnO4), and Prussian blue (milori blue primarily Fe7(CN)18) ...
List Of Inorganic Pigments - Blue Pigments
... Aluminum pigments Ultramarine (PB29) a complex naturally occurring pigment of sulfur-containing sodio-silicate (Na8-10Al6Si6O24S2-4) Cobalt pigments ... Thought to be the first synthetically produced pigment ... Han Blue BaCuSi4O10 Iron pigments Prussian Blue (PB27) a synthetic pigment of ferric hexacyanoferrate (Fe7(CN)18) ...

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