Bike may refer to:

  • The abbreviation for either bicycle or motorcycle
  • Bike (given name), a Turkish given name
  • BIKE Athletic Company
  • Bike, Ethiopia
  • Bike (magazine), a UK magazine about motorcycling
  • "Bike" (song), by Pink Floyd

Other articles related to "bike":

Bike-to-Work Day
... Bike-to-Work Day is an annual event held on various days in the Spring across the United States and Canada that promotes the bicycle as an option for commuting to work ... Leading up to Bike-to-Work Day, national, regional, and local bicycle advocacy groups encourage people to try bicycle commuting as a healthy and safe ... On Bike-to-Work Day, these groups often organize bicycle-related events, and in some areas, pit stops along bicycle routes with snacks ...
Bicycle And Motorcycle Dynamics - Lateral Dynamics - Lateral Motion Theory
... equations of motion can be linearized, a bike is a nonlinear system ... in which friction and any flexing is ignored, a bike is a conservative system ... Energy added with a sideways jolt to a bike running straight and upright (demonstrating self-stability) is converted into increased forward speed, not lost, as the oscillations ...
Bajaj Platina - Performance and Fuel Economy
... The engine of Platina is from another 100 cc bike from Bajaj, the Bajaj CT 100 ... The bike is capable of a top speed of around 91 km/h and does 0–60 km/h in 8.08 seconds ... In city traffic the bike returns 62 kmpl ...
Parks In Windsor, Ontario - Bike Trails - Other Bike Trails
... The city also maintains numerous other bike trails, such as the Ganatchio Trail (built in 1971), its Little River Extension (connecting Forest Glade to Sandpoint Beach and Stop 26 park ... Another important bike trail is the Devonwood Bike Trail (built in the mid-1980s in stages, final extension completed around 1992), which runs through the Devon ... speculated that this could be a connection from the Riverfront Bike Trail, along the trails and Lanes along Parent Avenue, to the Chrysler Canada Greenway ...
Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike - Today
... The property is managed by Friends of the Pike 2 Bike, a coalition of non-profit groups (including the SAC) to eventually convert the stretch into a bike trail ... The Friends of the Pike 2 Bike will continue to run and oversee the trail ...