Bessie can be a surname, a nickname (diminutive), and a woman's given name. Bessie is an English diminutive of Elizabeth or Bessandra, and has been so used since the 16th century. Bessie is sometimes used as a name in its own right, rather than an informal diminutive.

Bessie may refer to:

  • A common or stereotypical name for cows
  • Bessie, a stuffed Beanie Baby cow toy
  • Bessie (lake monster), a lake monster in Lake Erie
  • Bessie Awards in dance, the New York Dance and Performance Awards
  • Bessie Smith, blues singer
  • Bessie Love, stage name of American film actress Juanita Horton
  • Alvah Bessie, screenwriter blacklisted as one of the Hollywood Ten
  • Diamond Bessie, murdered prostitute
  • Bessie Coleman, first African-American female aviator
  • Bessilyn Johnson, woman who inspired Scotty's Castle
  • A car used on the science fiction television series Doctor Who
  • Bessie, an asphalt-paver character in the movie Cars
  • Bessie Higgenbottom, titular character of the Nickelodeon TV channel cartoon, The Mighty B!

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... Finger is Bessie's left-hand index finger and imaginary friend ... Whenever Bessie needs some advice, she seeks Finger's perspective of the matter ... Bessie often restates Finger's imaginary question for others to understand what he is saying ...
List Of The Mighty B! Characters - The Honeybees - Mrs. Gibbons
... she shows blatant favoritism towards Portia and gets frustrated with Bessie when her achievements, zest, and zeal outshine Portia's ... She has a very low tolerance for Bessie's energy level, often getting very frustrated with her ... In "The Apprentice", Mary Frances hires Bessie as an apprentice, in the idea that her Patty Faye sales numbers will boost, but in the end, Bessie just winds up to be a big fat pain in the neck ...
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... According to Bessie, each Dragonfly scout is handpicked from birth and trained in 64 types of combat including long division, although this may be an exaggeration on Bessie's part ... This troop appears to be hostile, as they attacked Bessie and her friends when they accidentally stumbled into the wrong pier ... According to Bessie, they are the most elite and ruthless boy troop in Southern Canada ...
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... Hilary Higgenbottom, voiced by Megan Cavanagh, is the single hippie mother of Bessie, Happy and Ben ... She can be bowled over by Bessie just as much as everyone else is, but tends to handle her role as a parent in a free-spirited way ... full of good karma and positive energy and lets Bessie and Ben's imaginations run wild unless they make a mess in the house or put themselves in danger ...
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... Aunt Bessie’s Limited (formerly known as Tryton Foods Ltd) is a UK producer of processed frozen food products ... As well as Yorkshire Puddings, the Aunt Bessie’s portfolio includes many traditional favourites including a wide range of potato products, meal ...