Battle Line

  • (noun): The line along which warring troops meet.

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Battle Off Samar - Criticism of Halsey
... he was known as "Bill" Halsey) with an allusion to the Battle of Bull Run in the American Civil War ... In his dispatch after the battle, Halsey attempted to justify his decision as follows "Searches by my carrier planes revealed the presence of the Northern carrier force on the ... Morison stated in a footnote "Admiral Lee, however, said after the battle that he would have been only too glad to have been ordered to cover San Bernardino Strait without air ...
Chaos Marauders - Gameplay
... statistics, and players must use these to build up to 3 'battle lines' on their battle sheet ... The beginning of a battle line starts with a standard bearer and ends with a musician ... cards, or the aforementioned Skyrre's Blowback which might destroy an entire battle line of another player, or explode and destroy the attacker ...
Flanking Maneuver - Tactical Flanking - Defense Against - Formations
... down to the disposition of forces in the battle line to prevent flanking attacks ... was the role of cavalry to be placed on the flanks of the infantry battle line ... superior Persians that led Miltiades to lengthen the Athenian line at the Battle of Marathon by decreasing the depth of the centre ...
Alan Nathan
... The Left And Right." In 2000, that show also became a daily program and was renamed "Battle Line with Alan Nathan." Wanting to commit more time to his columns, Nathan decided that effective September 4 ... and syndication and host of the long-running “Battle Line w/Alan Nathan." "Battle Line" is entering its 13th year of syndication and is aired MON-FRI (5-7pm and 2-4am overnight) //SAT (6-7pm ...
Lost Battalion (World War I) - 77th Division - The Argonne Forest Before The Attack
... defenses started with a roughly 500 meter deep front line which “served as not much more than an advanced warning system.” Behind the first line, which ... The next battle line, which was about 2 kilometers in depth, had turned back all Allied attacks over the last four years ... This battle line, which consisted of wired trenches that were firmly held, was referred by the Germans as “Hagan Stellung.” The Next German battle line, referred to as the “Hagan ...

Famous quotes containing the words line and/or battle:

    What, will the line stretch out to the crack of doom?
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    The battle for the mind of Ronald Reagan was like the trench warfare of World War I: never have so many fought so hard for such barren terrain.
    Peggy Noonan (b. 1950)