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Battleships In World War II - Operations - The Pacific Battles - Leyte Gulf
... In the Battle of Leyte Gulf, two Japanese battleship forces converged on the American landing forces at Leyte Gulf ... The Center Force of five fast battleships attacked from the north the Southern Force of two slower old battleships attacked from the south ... the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea on 24 October 1944, the Center Force came under attack by American aircraft and Musashi, sister ship to Yamato, was sunk long before she could ...
USS Wasatch (AGC-9) - World War II - 1944
... Meanwhile, Wasatch stood off shore and served as the nerve center of the operation ... from which the landings could be observed and served as the nerve center for the operation ... Oldendorf's battleships and cruisers crossed the "T" of the Japanese "Southern Force" and in short order annihilated the enemy warships in the Battle of Surigao Strait ...
USS White Plains (CVE-66) - Service History - World War II - Battle of Leyte Gulf
... While a decoy force of carriers under Admiral Jisaburō Ozawa moved south from Japan in an attempt to draw off Halsey's Third Fleet and the large carriers, the forces under Vice Admirals Shōji Nishimura ... The Center Force, by far the strongest of the enemy fleets involved, consisted of five battleships - including the huge superbattleships Yamato and Musashi - 11 heavy cruisers, two light ... By the time Kurita's Center Force cleared the San Bernardino Strait on 25 October, it had been reduced by four heavy cruisers and the battleship Musashi ...
USS Wasp (CV-18) - Service History - World War II - 1943–1944
... Mitscher's Fast Carrier Task Force (TF 58) ... As the force neared Marcus, it split, sending San Jacinto north to search for Japanese picket boats while Wasp and Essex launched strikes on 19 and 20 May, aimed at installations ... managed to do enough damage to prevent Japanese forces on the island from interfering with the impending assault on Saipan ...

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    The body, what is it, Father, but a sign
    To love the force that grows us, to give back
    What in Thy palm is senselessness and mud?
    Karl Shapiro (b. 1913)

    Louise Bryant: I’m sorry if you don’t believe in mutual independence and free love and respect.
    Eugene O’Neill: Don’t give me a lot of parlor socialism that you learned in the village. If you were mine, I wouldn’t share you with anybody or anything. It would be just you and me. You’d be at the center of it all. You know it would feel a lot more like love than being left alone with your work.
    Warren Beatty (b. 1937)