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Kaiserliche Marine - 1912 To 1914, Third Novelle
... and the continuation of the four capital ships per year building rate into 1912 ... Tirpitz argued for six new capital ships, and got three, together with 15,000 additional sailors in a new combined military budget passed in April 1912 ... The new ships, together with the existing reserve flagship and four reserve battleships were to become one new squadron for the High Seas Fleet ...
Starshatter: The Gathering Storm - Gameplay
... Each campaign begins with each side having a set number of ships and fighters, which are the deployed to perform missions ... gaining ranks, the ability to control capital ships becomes available ... Ships range from small anti-fighter frigates to large carriers ...
Erich Raeder - World War II - 1941: Going To War With America
... the account of the heavy losses endured in Westeruebung the previous year meant that the ships needed to undertake that operation were not there ... that might impress upon Hitler the need not to cut the budget for capital ships ... and that debacle almost put an end to Raeder's strategy of using capital ships to destroy the British Merchant Marine ...
Sins Of A Solar Empire - Gameplay - Resources and Structures
... extractors on asteroids it is used to construct basic ships and structures ... like Metal it is used for advanced technology and building certain advanced ships ... intangible resources include Supply Points and Capital Ship Crews ...
Sins Of A Solar Empire - Gameplay - Units
... There are five main categories of ships in the game strike craft, frigates, cruisers, capital ships and non-combat ships ... The strike craft is the smallest ship in the game, similar in behaviour and appearance to the stereotypical "starfighter" ... can only be controlled in squadrons and are built in hangars, carriers and capital ships for no fee, with the casualties automatically replaced ...

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    I have seen old ships sail like swans asleep
    James Elroy Flecker (1884–1919)

    Many of us do not believe in capital punishment, because thus society takes from a man what society cannot give.
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)