Basque may refer to:

  • The Basque language
  • The Basque people
  • Basque (grape), another name for white wine grape Crouchen
  • A type of clothing:
    • A short basque; see torsolette
    • An old basque; see basque (clothing)

See also:

  • List of Basques
  • The Basque Country (greater region), the homeland of the Basques with parts in Spain and France
  • Basque Country (autonomous community), an autonomous region within Spain
  • Northern Basque Country (Pays Basque) in France
  • The Basque Country national football team
  • Basque cuisine
  • Basque nationalism
  • Basque mythology
  • Basque music
  • Basque Nationalist Party
  • Basque diaspora
  • Basque-American
  • Basque Conflict

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Basque, British Columbia
... Basque, British Columbia, is located in the province of British Columbia, Canada, near the village of Ashcroft ... It is the post office and whistlestop-crossing on the historic Basque Ranch, one of the earliest ranches in the Interior of British Columbia ... One of the descendants of the Basque family is Garnet Basque, a notable popular historian in BC who has written extensively on ranching and the gold rush ...
Maitena Burundarena - Personal Life
... She is of Basque (maitena is Basque for "the most beloved") and Polish ancestry ... Her father, Carlos Burundarena, was a Basque-stock conservative academician, the last minister of education of the Argentine dictatorship of the 1980s ...
Basque Exonyms
... The following is a list of Basque exonyms, that is to say names for towns and cities that do not speak Basque that have been adapted to Basque standard ... This list is incomplete you can help by expanding it Language Native Name Basque Exonym Algeria Aljeria Arabic Al-Jazā'ir Aljer Australia Australia English Adelaide Adelaida Austria Austria ...
Agosti Xaho
... Augustin Chaho in French or Agosti Xaho in Basque was an important Romantic Basque writer ... He was born in Tardets (Atharratze in basque), Soule, French Basqueland in 10 October 1811 and died in Bayonne (Baiona in Basque), Labourd 23 October 1858 ... Navarre during the insurrection of the Basques (1830-1835) (1836, in French, on his experiences in the First Carlist War, which he interprets as an ethnic war of Basques against Spain), The Legend of ...
Asociación De Víctimas Del Terrorismo - Opposition To Negotiation With Terrorists
... pushed towards a 'solution for the political conflict in the Basque Country' ... ETA prisoners or uniting Navarre to the Basque Country) has led the AVT to oppose this process and call up to several demonstrations which have had the full support of Spain's main opposition party, the conservative ... established between the then-in-power party, the PP (led by José María Aznar), and Basque terrorists ...