Basketball Tournament

Basketball tournament is a series of contests involving a relatively large number of competitors. A number of basketball teams compete and the one that prevails through the final round or that finishes with the best record is declared the winner.

The term may be used in either of two overlapping senses: (a) One or more competitions held at a single venue and concentrated into a relatively short time interval. (b) A competition involving multiple matches, each involving a subset of the competitors, with the overall tournament winner determined based on the combined results of these individual matches.

A famous form of basketball tournaments are the NCAA basketball tournaments men and women for Divisions I, II and III.

Famous quotes containing the word basketball:

    Perhaps basketball and poetry have just a few things in common, but the most important is the possibility of transcendence. The opposite is labor. In writing, every writer knows when he or she is laboring to achieve an effect. You want to get from here to there, but find yourself willing it, forcing it. The equivalent in basketball is aiming your shot, a kind of strained and usually ineffective purposefulness. What you want is to be in some kind of flow, each next moment a discovery.
    Stephen Dunn (b. 1939)