Barangay Kagawad

A Barangay Kagawad, abbreviated as "Kgwd.", also commonly known as a barangay concillor is an elected government official who is a member of the Sangguniang Barangay (Filipino, "Barangay Council") of a particular barangay, the smallest political unit in the Philippines. Formerly officially called konsehal ("councilor"), a barangay kagawad participates in the governance and activities of the barangay together with the other kagawads, the Punong Barangay'' ("Barangay Captain") and the members of the Sangguniang Kabataan ("Youth Council"). There are seven barangay kagawads in each barangay who are ranked according to the number of votes they had received in an electoral process exercised by registered voters in a particular barangay.

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Barangay Kagawad - Functions and Responsibilities
... Barangay Kagawads are mandated to function as the legislative workforce of the barangay ... in Congress and the Senate as kagawads are expected to create and sponsor barangay resolutions and ordinances ... For this reason, basic knowledge of the law is required and is expected of each barangay kagawad in order to perform their mandated responsibilities ...