Barangay Kagawad - Functions and Responsibilities

Functions and Responsibilities

Barangay Kagawads are mandated to function as the legislative workforce of the barangay. They function in a similar manner as their counterparts in Congress and the Senate as kagawads are expected to create and sponsor barangay resolutions and ordinances. For this reason, basic knowledge of the law is required and is expected of each barangay kagawad in order to perform their mandated responsibilities.

A kagawad, as a member of the sangguniang barangay, should also ensure to provide their constituents with basic services such as peace and order, formulating measures to eradicate drug addiction, maintain barangay-owned properties and infrastructures, maintain cleanliness and beautification of the community and to promote the well being of the youths.

Barangay Kagawads are also expected to assist the Punong Barangay in performing his or her function.

As per the purpose of the revised penal code, the punong barangay, members of sangguniang barangay and members of the lupong tagapamayapa are considered persons in authority within their areas of jurisdiction.

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