Bali - Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions

The province is divided into 8 regencies (kabupaten) and 1 city (kota). These are:

Name Capital Area in
2000 Census
2005 estimate
2010 Census
Jembrana Regency Negara 841.80 231,806 247,102 261,618
Tabanan Regency Tabanan 839.30 376,030 398,389 420,370
Badung Regency Mangupura 418.52 345,863 388,548 543,681
Gianyar Regency Gianyar 368.00 393,155 421,067 470,380
Klungkung Regency Semarapura 315.00 155,262 163,291 170,559
Bangli Regency Bangli 520.81 193,776 208,508 215,404
Karangasem Regency Amlapura 839.54 360,486 376,711 396,892
Buleleng Regency Singaraja 1,365.88 558,181 599,866 624,079
Denpasar City Denpasar 123.98 532,440 574,610 788,445
Totals 5,780.06 3,146,999 3,378,092 3,891,428

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