• (adj): Total debits and credits are equal.
    Example: "The books looked balanced"
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Third-generation Balanced Scorecard
... In business performance management, a third-generation balanced scorecard is a version of the traditional balanced scorecard, a structured report, supported ... by the components making up the balanced scorecard and the design process used to develop these components ...
Balanced-growth Equilibrium
... In macroeconomics, the balanced-growth path of a dynamic model is a trajectory such that all variables grow at a constant rate ... In the standard exogenous growth model, balanced growth is a basic assumption, while other variables like the capital stock, real GDP, and output per worker ... In microbiology, the state of balanced-growth in liquid cultures is ideal for performing experiments because all bacteria are at about the same state (as ...
Balanced Hand
... In the game of bridge a balanced hand (or balanced distribution) denotes a hand containing no singleton or void and at most one doubleton ... contains thirteen cards, only three hand patterns can be classified as balanced 4-3-3-3, 4-4-3-2 and 5-3-3-2 ... respectively, are often also referred to as semi-balanced ...
Lattice Phase Equaliser - Applications
... property of the lattice filter is that it is an intrinsically balanced topology ... useful when used with landlines which invariably use a balanced format ... section are intrinsically unbalanced and have to be transformed into a balanced implementation in these applications which increases the component count ...
Cathode Bias - Overcoming Problems
... general rule may be made in the case of "push-pull", or balanced circuits ... Slight differences in tube conduction are then dynamically balanced by bias variations that tend to reduce distortion ... This technique is useful in the input circuits of balanced line receivers or push-pull power output circuits ...

More definitions of "balanced":

  • (adj): Being in a state of proper balance or equilibrium.
    Example: "The carefully balanced seesaw"; "a properly balanced symphony orchestra"; "a balanced assessment of intellectual and cultural history"; "a balanced blend of whiskeys"; "the educated man shows a balanced development of all his powers"

Famous quotes containing the word balanced:

    Virtues are not emotions. Emotions are movements of appetite, virtues dispositions of appetite towards movement. Moreover emotions can be good or bad, reasonable or unreasonable; whereas virtues dispose us only to good. Emotions arise in the appetite and are brought into conformity with reason; virtues are effects of reason achieving themselves in reasonable movements of the appetites. Balanced emotions are virtue’s effect, not its substance.
    Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225–1274)

    ... all the cares and anxieties, the trials and disappointments of my whole life, are light, when balanced with my sufferings in childhood and youth from the theological dogmas which I sincerely believed, and the gloom connected with everything associated with the name of religion, the church, the parsonage, the graveyard, and the solemn, tolling bell.
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815–1902)

    Much of the ill-tempered railing against women that has characterized the popular writing of the last two years is a half-hearted attempt to find a way back to a more balanced relationship between our biological selves and the world we have built. So women are scolded both for being mothers and for not being mothers, for wanting to eat their cake and have it too, and for not wanting to eat their cake and have it too.
    Margaret Mead (1901–1978)