Baekdu Mountain

Baekdu Mountain, also known in China as Changbai Mountain (when referencing only the mountain) and Baitou Mountain (when referencing both the mountain and its crater lake, Heaven Lake), is an active volcanic mountain on the border between North Korea and China, located at 42°00′24″N 128°03′18″E / 42.00667°N 128.055°E / 42.00667; 128.055. At 2,744 m (9,003 ft), it is the highest mountain of the Changbai mountain range to the north and Baekdudaegan mountain range to the south. It is also the highest mountain in the Korean peninsula and in Northeast China.

The Korean name, Baekdu San (백두산, 白頭山; Baekdu-san), means "white-headed mountain". English-language volcanology resources sometimes refer to the mountain as Baitoushan; this name arose by reading the Korean Hanja 白頭山 as Chinese. The Chinese name, Changbai Shan (長白山/长白山), means "ever-white mountain". The Manchu name, Golmin Šanggiyan Alin, means "white mountain". The Mongolian name Ondor Tsagaan Aula means "lofty white mountain". Various authors have used other non-standard transliterations (i.e. not using the Revised Romanization or Pinyin) of the name of the mountain.

A large crater lake, called Heaven Lake (Korean:천지, Chinese:天池), is in the caldera atop the mountain.

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