Average Human Lifespan

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Durations of Four Yugas
... year of the demigods is equal to 360 years of the human beings ... MANVANTARA=MAHAYUG*71 MAHAYUG Yuga Human Years Ratio (number of legs of dharma-bull) Number of Avatars of Vishnu Satya-Yuga 1,728,000 4 ... Treta-Yuga 1,296,000 3 ... Dwapara-Yuga 864,000 2 2 ... Human stature was 21 cubits ...

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    Today everything is different. I can’t even get decent food. Right after I got here I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce and I got egg noodles and catsup. I’m an average nobody, I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.
    Nicholas Pileggi, U.S. screenwriter, and Martin Scorsese. Henry Hill (Ray Liotta)

    Everywhere I go I see increasing evidence of people swirling about in a human cesspit of their own making.
    James Anderton (b. 1932)