Auxiliary Hypotheses

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Imre Lakatos - Research Programmes
... threatens the 'hard core' are termed auxiliary hypotheses ... Auxiliary hypotheses are considered expendable by the adherents of the research programme - they may be altered or abandoned as empirical discoveries require in order to 'protect' the 'hard core' ... a degenerative research programme lies, for Lakatos, in whether the recent changes to its auxiliary hypotheses have achieved this greater explanatory/predictive power or ...
Creationist Objections To Evolution - Scientific Status - Unfalsifiability
... collection of statements," some of which are not falsifiable, and others – what he calls "auxiliary hypotheses," which are ... fecundity, and independent testability of auxiliary hypotheses Unity "A science should be unified.. ... without giving up its problem-solving strategies (1982 47–48) Auxiliary hypotheses that are independently testable "An auxiliary hypothesis ought to be testable independently of the particular problem ...

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    We shall do better to abandon the whole attempt to learn the truth ... unless we can trust to the human mind’s having such a power of guessing right that before very many hypotheses shall have been tried, intelligent guessing may be expected to lead us to one which will support all tests, leaving the vast majority of possible hypotheses unexamined.
    Charles S. Pierce (1839–1914)