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Australian Diaspora

There is an estimated 1 million Australians (approximately 5% of the population) residing outside Australia. Hundreds of thousands of young Australians traditionally spend time living in Europe, but most return to Australia. The Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement facilitates open migration to and from New Zealand. Key factors affecting the Australian Diaspora are rise of a global labour market, more accessible and economical international transport, and increasingly sophisticated communication technologies along with a growing interest in broader global community.

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Australian Diaspora - Comparison With The Expatriate Populations of Other Countries
... The ratio of expatriate Australians in 2005 was 2.8 Australian-born people aged 15 years or over per 100 Australian born people aged 15 years and over within Australia ... The Australian ratio was higher than that of the United States (less than one person in other OECD countries per 100 USA-born within the USA) ... Education levels of Australian expatriates were high 44% of Australian expatriates in other OECD countries had a high level of education ...

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