Assessment may refer to:

  • Educational assessment
  • Health assessment
  • Nursing assessment
  • Political assessment, i.e. assessment of officeholders for political donations
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Psychological assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Tax assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment

Other articles related to "assessment":

Use of DISC Assessment
... The DISC assessment can be used for a variety of real-life situations ... an online setting, the results from the DISC assessment can be used to better understand the personality and needs of the students ... Another field in which DISC assessment can be used is leadership ...
Developmental Lines - The Developmental Profile
... background (past and present) and personal history Possibly significant environmental circumstances Assessment of development Assessment of fixation points and regressions Assessment of the ...
Federal Commissioner Of Taxation V Peabody - Assessment and Court
... scheme, a scheme which came under Part IVA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 ... Mary Peabody lodged an objection to the ATO assessment, which the ATO disallowed ...
Exposure Assessment - Definition
... Exposure Assessment is the process of estimating or measuring the magnitude, frequency and duration of exposure to an agent, along with the number and characteristics of the ... routes, and the uncertainties in the assessment ... 'Exposure Assessment' and 'Exposure Analysis' are often used as synonyms in many practical contexts ...
Formative Assessment in UK Education
... In the UK education system, formative assessment (or assessment for learning) has been a key aspect of the agenda for personalised learning ... led by Sir Mike Tomlinson, recommended that assessment of learners be refocused to be more teacher-led and less reliant on external assessment, putting learners at the heart of the assessment process ... of individual learners, and that a key means of achieving this is through formative assessment, involving high quality feedback to learners included within every ...

Famous quotes containing the word assessment:

    The first year was critical to my assessment of myself as a person. It forced me to realize that, like being married, having children is not an end in itself. You don’t at last arrive at being a parent and suddenly feel satisfied and joyful. It is a constantly reopening adventure.
    —Anonymous Mother. From the Boston Women’s Health Book Collection. Quoted in The Joys of Having a Child, by Bill and Gloria Adler (1993)