• (noun): The act of equiping with weapons in preparation for war.
    Synonyms: arming, equipping
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Some articles on armament:

List Of Current Ships Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran Navy - Patrol: Inshore - PBF
... Diesels, diesel-direct drive 4 shafts, 3-bladed propellers Max Speed 40 kn Crew 17 Armament x1 BM-21 MLRS (11NM surface), x2 (1 twin) ZU-23 23 mm ...
Stalingrad Class Battlecruiser - Design - Armament
... The 130-mm 58-caliber guns were also a new design ... They were to be fitted in a new twin-gun BL-109A dual-purpose mount ...
Tennessee Class Cruiser - Post-WWI Role and Potential Rearmament
... In December 1919, the Bureau of Ordinance pressed for the restoration of full armament for these ships ... First, restoring full armament to ships of their then-current age was not justifiable ... Second, since they would serve in peacetime, their current armament would suffice ...
Casemate De Rountzenheim Nord - Armament
... In the shooting room, are two twinnings of machine-guns of 7,5 mm, one of them can be replaced in the event of need by an anti-tank gun of 37 mm ... A mortar of 50 mm can be adapted on the cloche GFM. ...
Military History Of Cyprus - Military Equipment Inventory
... Land Component Main Battle Tanks With 125mm Armament T-80U 82 Active With 105mm Armament AMX-30B2 52 Active With 105mm Armament AMX-30 50 Spare Armoured Fighting Vehicles With 100mm ...

More definitions of "armament":

  • (noun): Weaponry used by military or naval force.