Fire Control

Fire control is the practice of reducing the heat output of a fire, or reducing the area over which the fire exists, or suppressing or extinguishing the fire by depriving a fire of fuel, oxygen or heat (see fire triangle).

The classification below relates to the United States of America. Different classifications exist in other countries.

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Ship Gun Fire-control System - US Navy Systems - MK 38 Gun Fire Control System - Plotting Room
... system's Mark 8 Rangekeeper, Mark 41 Stable Vertical, Mk13 FC Radar controls and displays, Parallax Correctors, Fire Control Switchboard, battle telephone ... was to continuously calculate the gun's bearing and elevation, Line-Of-Fire (LOF), to hit a future position of the target ... deflection Spots and target altitude (not zero during Gun Fire Support) were manually entered ...
Fire Control - Ventilation
... Fires can spread through the interior of a structure as the hot gases spread due to the expansion of the gases as a result of the combustion ... Some fires can be partially controlled by venting these gases to the outside through manufactured heat vents in the structure's roof, or by the fire department cutting holes in the roof ...
Tachymetric Anti-aircraft Fire Control System
... A tachymetric anti-aircraft fire control system generates target position, speed, direction, and rate of target range change, by computing these parameters directly from ... along with the measured bearing and range data, into the AA fire control computer which then generates change of bearing rate, and change of range data, and passes it back to the observer ... An example of tachometric AA fire control would be the USN Mk 37 system ...
Ship Gun Fire-control System - British Royal Navy Systems
... Dreyer Table Pollen's Argo Clock Admiralty Fire Control Table - from 1920s HACS - A/A system from 1931 Fuze Keeping Clock - simplified HACS A/A system for destroyers from 1938 Pom-Pom Director - pioneered ...
Ship Gun Fire-control System - US Navy Systems - MK 86 Gun Fire Control System (GFCS)
... The US Navy desired a digital gun fire-control system in 1961 for more accurate shore bombardment ... Lockheed Electronics produced a prototype with AN/SPQ-9 radar fire control in 1965 ... The Mk 86 on Aegis-class ships controls the ship's 5"/54 caliber Mk 45 gun mounts, and can engage up to two targets at a time ...

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