Arie De Jong - Writings


  • 1929. Kurze Volapük-Grammatik. Revised by Arie de Jong. Confirmed by Albert Sleumer. Printed by Jakob Sprenger. Published as manuscript.
  • 1931. Gramat Volapüka. First edition has been written authoritatively and with the permission of Volapük Academy by Dr. Arie de Jong. Leiden (Holland): Bookstore and Printer E. J. Brill.
  • 1931. Wörterbuch der Weltsprache: Volapük Dictionary for Germans. 6th Edition, has been worked on by Arie de Jong. Leiden (Holland): Bookstore and Printer E. J. Brill.
  • 1932. Leerboek der Wereldtaal. By Dr. Arie de Jong, member of Volapük Academy. Voorburg (Holland): Printer „Repko“.
  • 1952. Aperçu de la Volapük. Gams: Sprenger. (Translated from Kurze Volapük-Grammatik into French.)
  • 1952. Short grammar of Volapük. Gams: Sprenger. (Translated from Kurze Volapük-Gramatik into English.)
  • 2012. Wörterbuch der Weltsprache für Deutschsprechende: Vödabuk Volapüka pro Deutänapükans. New edition of the 1931 dictionary. Cathair na Mart: Evertype, ISBN 978-1-904808-89-3
  • 2012. Gramat Volapüka. New edition of the 1931 grammar. Cathair na Mart: Evertype, ISBN 978-1-904808-94-7
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  • VIAF: 29758667
Name Jong, Arie De
Alternative names
Short description
Date of birth October 18, 1865
Place of birth Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of death October 12, 1957
Place of death Putten, Netherlands

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