Apollonius may be:

Historical people
  • Apollonius Cronus (fl. 4th century BC), philosopher of the Megarian school
  • Apollonius of Rhodes (born c. 270 BC), librarian and poet
  • Apollonius of Aphrodisias (3rd century BC?), historian of Caria (FGrHist no. 740)
  • Apollonius of Perga (262–190 BC), geometer and astronomer
  • Apollonius of Tralles (fl. 2nd century BC), sculptor
  • Apollonius paradoxographus (2nd century BC), paradoxographer
  • Apollonius (physician), several physicians in Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Apollonius the Effeminate (fl. 120 BC) a Greek rhetorician of Alabanda in Caria
  • Apollonius Molon (fl. 70 BC), rhetorician
  • Apollonius of Tyre (philosopher) (fl. 60 BC), Stoic philosopher
  • Apollonius of Athens (fl. 1st century BC), sculptor
  • Apollonius of Citium (fl. 1st century BC), physician
  • Apollonius the Sophist of Alexandria, a famous grammarian who probably lived towards the end of the 1st century AD
  • Apollonius of Tyana (ca. 40—120 AD), Pythagorean philosopher
  • Apollonius Dyscolus (fl. 2nd century AD), grammarian
  • Apollonius the Apologist (died c. 186 AD), religious leader
  • Apollonius of Ephesus (fl. 180-210 AD), religious leader and writer
  • Apollonius (praetorian prefect) (442-443), Roman Praetorian prefect
  • Apollonius (magister militum) (fl. 443-451), Eastern Roman general
  • Apollonius (consul 460), consul in 460
  • Apollonius of Tyre, medieval fictional character
  • Apollonius (crater), on moon
  • Apollonius' theorem, an elementary geometry theorem about triangles
  • Circles of Apollonius

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... in the study of conics by the ancient Greeks is due to Apollonius of Perga (died c.190 BC) ), whose eight volume Conic Sections summarized the existing ... Apollonius's major innovation was to characterize a conic using properties within the plane and intrinsic to the curve this greatly simplified analysis ...
Apollonius Cronus
... Apollonius Cronus (fl. 4th-century BCE) from Cyrene was a philosopher of the Megarian school ...
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... One interpretation posits the Lamia may have been a seductress, as in Philostratus' Life of Apollonius of Tyana, where the philosopher Apollonius reveals to the ... story follows the general plotline of Philostratus, with Apollonius revealing Lamia's true nature before her wedding ...
Apollonius (physician)
... Apollonius was the name of several physicians in the time of Ancient Greece and Rome Apollonius Antiochenus, (or Apollonius of Antioch), was the name of ... One of them is probably the physician called Apollonius Empiricus the other may be Apollonius Senior ... Apollonius Archistrator, was the author of a medical prescription quoted by Andromachus, and must therefore have lived in or before the 1st century BC ...
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