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Grandcamp-Maisy - History
... On D-Day, the HMS Hawkins claimed to have put the guns out of action, but then other battleships were firing at it for another 3 days ... that HMS Hawkins silenced the batteries on D-day, despite the fact that many other ships claimed to have done the same thing over many days ... Hawkins also claimed to have put the battery at St ...
Tom Levitt - Expenses
... In 2007 it had been revealed that Mr Levitt had, of all MPs, claimed the eighth highest total expenses—£168,660 in 2006–2007, an increase of £29,103 on ... at the same level, with £164,620 claimed in 2007–2008, and £168,318 claimed in 2008–2009 ...
Dinuzulu KaCetshwayo - Dinuzulu's Volunteers
... The mercenaries then claimed payment and Dinuzulu found himself confronted with demands he could not meet. 800 mercenaries claimed to have fought for him and all claimed large farms ... They claimed about half of Zululand, including St Lucia Bay, an outlet to the sea ...
Stuart Bell - Controversy
... On 13 October 2009, he claimed on the BBC Today programme that the investigation by Sir Thomas Legg into the United Kingdom Parliamentary expenses scandal was marked by "retrospectivity", as Sir Thomas ... Journalist Neil Macfarlane claimed he had placed over 100 calls to his registered offices over several weeks, but the phone was never answered or calls returned ... They claimed this was despite his wife receiving over £35,000 per annum allowance to act as his 'office' manager ...
Viera Scheibner - Views On The Subject of Vaccines - SIDS
... She claimed that this was proof of a causal link between vaccination and SIDS ... She further claimed that when she brought this information to the attention of the medical community, that paediatricians at the “Australian Crib Death ... In the book and subsequently, she has claimed that “vaccination is the single biggest cause of SIDS” ...

Famous quotes containing the word claimed:

    I fear it is the effect of this ordinance to clothe Jesus with an authority which he never claimed and which distracts the mind of the worshipper.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    In contrast with envy, which usually occurs between two people and is focused upon another person’s qualities or possessions, jealousy occurs when a third person becomes a threat to a dyad. Jealousy involves the loss or the impending loss of a relationship that one wants to hold onto, a relationship that is vital to personal fulfillment and claimed as one’s own.
    Carol S. Becker (b. 1942)

    To be claimed as good, though in an improper style, is at least better than being rejected as no good at all.
    Jane Austen (1775–1817)