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Lunar Orbiter Program - Results
... The radiation experiments confirmed that the design of Apollo hardware would protect the astronauts from average and greater than average short term exposure to solar particle events ... the Manned Space Flight Network tracking stations and Apollo Orbit Determination Program was successful, with three Lunar Orbiters (2, 3, and 5) being ... fuel ran out so they would not present navigational or communications hazards to later Apollo flights ...
Battle Of The Plains Of Abraham - Landing
... The boats, however, had drifted slightly off course instead of landing at the base of the road, many soldiers found themselves at the base of a slope ...
Third-party Evidence For Apollo Moon Landings - Independent Research Consistent With NASA Claims - Photographs - New Lunar Missions
... Post-Apollo lunar exploration missions have located and imaged artifacts of the Apollo program remaining on the Moon's surface ... Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission beginning in July 2009 show the six Apollo Lunar Module descent stages, Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package (ALSEP) science experiments, astronaut footpaths, and ... These images are the most effective proof to date to rebut the "landing hoax" theories ...
Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories - Third-party Evidence of Moon Landings - Imaging The Landing Sites
... Hubble Space Telescope should be able to photograph the landing sites ... are complicit in the hoax by refusing to take photos of the landing sites ... have been taken by Hubble, including at least two Apollo landing sites, but the Hubble resolution limits viewing of lunar objects to sizes no smaller than 60–75 yards (55 ...
Mars Pathfinder - Landing Site
... The landing site was an ancient flood plain in Mars's northern hemisphere called "Ares Vallis" ("the valley of Ares", the ancient Greek equivalent of the ancient Roman deity Mars) and is among ... After the landing, at 19°08′N 33°13′W / 19.13°N 33.22°W / 19.13 -33.22Coordinates 19°08′N 33°13′W / 19.13°N 33.22°W / 19.13 -33.22, succeeded, the landing ...

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    I am not aware that any man has ever built on the spot which I occupy. Deliver me from a city built on the site of a more ancient city, whose materials are ruins, whose gardens cemeteries. The soil is blanched and accursed there, and before that becomes necessary the earth itself will be destroyed.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Here Men from The Planet Earth
    First Set Foot upon The Moon
    July, 1969 AD
    We Came in Peace for All Mankind
    —Plaque left behind on the moon’s surface by the crew of Apollo 11.

    I foresee the time when the painter will paint that scene, no longer going to Rome for a subject; the poet will sing it; the historian record it; and, with the Landing of the Pilgrims and the Declaration of Independence, it will be the ornament of some future national gallery, when at least the present form of slavery shall be no more here. We shall then be at liberty to weep for Captain Brown. Then, and not till then, we will take our revenge.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)