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Stolen Car (Bruce Springsteen Song) - Alternate Version
... An alternate version of the song exists that was released on the album Tracks ... This version, sometimes referred to as the "Son you may kiss the bride" version of the song, was recorded at The Power Station in July 1979 ... This version was originally intended to be released on a single album that was to be released in 1979 and called The Ties That Bind ...
The Blue Aeroplanes - Discography - Albums
... It's these two versions that are on _Friendloverplane_ ... Severn Beach Police (38 Divinity) Action Painting (New version) Who Built This Station In The Midwest Old Men Sleeping On The Bowery 88 Out Ashtrays From Mt ... Etna Gunning The Works (New version) King Of The Soap Box Tolerance (New version) Etiquette! Continually Torn Apart Days Of 49 (New version) I Wanna Be Your ...
List Of DC Multiverse Worlds - The 52
... Unlike the original Multiverse, which was composed of an infinite number of alternate universes, this Multiverse is composed of a predetermined number of alternate universes, which were originally referred to as New ... The alternate universes were originally identical to New Earth and contained the same history and people until Mister Mind "devoured" portions of each Earth’s history, creating ... Each of the alternate universes have their own parallel dimensions, divergent timelines, microverses, etc ...
Disintegration (The Cure album) - Track Listing - 2010 Deluxe Edition Disc Two: Rarities 1988–1989
... Band demo (Instrumental) – 9/88 "2Late" (alternate version) – Band demo (Instrumental) – 9/88 "The Same Deep Water as You" – Band demo (Instrumental) – 9/88 "Disintegration" – Band ...
Small Faces Discography - Other Singles and Live Sessions
... Mid 1965) What’cha Gonna Do About It (Alternate Version) BBC Session (Saturday Club – 23/08/65) Steve Marriott Interview What'cha Gonna Do About It Jump Back Baby Don’t ... Don’t Stop What You’re Doing E Too D Hey Girl (Alternate Version) Own Up Time (Extended Version) Shake (Alternate Version) Come On Children (Alternate Version) E Too D (Alternate ... on Me Take This Hurt Off Me (Different Version) 7” Single (March 3, 1967) I Can’t Make It Just Passing (Early 3rd Album Sessions – Early to Mid 1967) (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (Alternate Version) 7 ...

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    Exercise is the yuppie version of bulimia.
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    I alternate between reading cook books and reading diet books.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)