AERA or Aera may stand for:

  • Aera, a Japanese weekly magazine
  • Aera Energy, an American oil company
  • American Educational Research Association, a professional research organization
  • American Equal Rights Association, a social equality organization that existed during the 1860s
  • Ancient Egypt Research Associates, non-profit organization founded by Mark Lehner
  • the Latin origin of the word Era for a historic time period.

Other articles related to "aera":

Susan B. Anthony - Early Social Activism - American Equal Rights Association
... Founded on May 10, 1866, during the Eleventh National Woman’s Rights Convention, the AERA met its first test in 1867 ... Anthony had accepted the help of a known racist, alienating abolitionist members as well as AERA president Lucretia Mott ... The American Equal Rights Association (AERA), which had originally fought for both blacks’ and women’s right to suffrage, voted to support the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, granting ...
Aera Energy - Awards
... In 2002 Aera's Belridge Producing Complex won the prestigious North American Maintenance Excellence (NAME) Award for its maintenance and reliability program and ... In 2011 Aera’s development team was awarded the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Manufacturing Excellence Award ... Aera is the first energy company to receive this AME recognition ...
Aera Energy - Business Relationships
... Aera Energy LLC owns and operates the oil and natural gas producing assets ... Aera Energy Services Company provides the work force for Aera Energy LLC ... Exxon Mobil affiliate) contributed its assets to Aera as part of a merger with CalResources LLC effective June 1, 1997 ...
Aera Energy
... Aera Energy LLC (Aera) is a natural gas, oil exploration and production company jointly owned by Shell and ExxonMobil headquartered in Bakersfield ... In addition, Aera Energy LLC is a California limited liability company, and one of California’s largest oil and natural gas producers, with an approximate 2011 ... Aera is operated as a stand-alone company through its board of directors ...
Mark Lehner - Education and Career
... AERA's 2009 field season was recorded in a blog ... AERA has conducted a number of archaeological field schools for Egyptian antiquities inspectors under the auspices of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities ... The AERA team has run basic and advanced courses at Giza, as well as courses in salvage archaeology along the Avenue of Sphinxes north of Luxor Temple in the city of Luxor ...