2007 in Spaceflight - Deep Space Rendezvous

Deep Space Rendezvous

Date (GMT) Spacecraft Event Remarks
13 January Cassini 23rd flyby of Titan Closest approach: 950 kilometres (590 mi)
29 January Cassini 24th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 2,775 kilometres (1,724 mi)
22 February Cassini 25th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 953 kilometres (592 mi)
25 February Rosetta Flyby of Mars Gravity assist
28 February New Horizons Flyby of Jupiter Gravity assist
10 March Cassini 26th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 956 kilometres (594 mi)
26 March Cassini 27th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 953 kilometres (592 mi)
10 April Cassini 28th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 951 kilometres (591 mi)
26 April Cassini 29th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 951 kilometres (591 mi)
12 May Cassini 30th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 950 kilometres (590 mi)
28 May Cassini 31stflyby of Titan Closest approach: 2,425 kilometres (1,507 mi)
5 June MESSENGER 2nd flyby of Venus Gravity assist; Closest approach: 338 kilometres (210 mi)
13 June Cassini 32nd flyby of Titan Closest approach: 950 kilometres (590 mi)
29 June Cassini 33rd flyby of Titan Closest approach: 1,942 kilometres (1,207 mi)
19 July Cassini 34thflyby of Titan Closest approach: 1,302 kilometres (809 mi)
30 August Cassini Flyby of Rhea Closest approach: 5,100 kilometres (3,200 mi)
31 August Cassini 35th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 3,227 kilometres (2,005 mi)
10 September Cassini Flyby of Iapetus Closest approach: 1,000 kilometres (620 mi)
2 October Cassini 36th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 950 kilometres (590 mi)
3 October Kaguya Selenocentric orbit injection
5 November Chang'e 1 Selenocentric orbit injection
13 November Rosetta 2nd flyby of the Earth Mistaken for asteroid, given the designation 2007 VN84
19 November Cassini 37th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 950 kilometres (590 mi)
5 December Cassini 38th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 1,300 kilometres (810 mi)
20 December Cassini 39th flyby of Titan Closest approach: 953 kilometres (592 mi)
31 December Deep Impact (EPOXI) Flyby of Earth Closest approach: 15,566 kilometres (9,672 mi)
Distant, non-targeted flybys of Dione, Enceladus, Mimas, Tethys and Titan by Cassini occurred throughout the year.

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