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1990 In Spaceflight - Launches - February
... A-4 Geosynchronous Communications In orbit Operational 6 February 1630 Kosmos-3M Plesetsk Site 132/2 Kosmos 2059 (Taifun-2) Low Earth Radar calibration 12 November Successful 7 February 0133 H-I Tanegashima LA-N ...
1989 In Spaceflight - Launches - December
1 December 2020 Proton-K/D-1 Baikonur Site 200/40 /Granat CNES High Earth Astronomy 25 May 1999 Successful 11 December 1810 Delta II 6925 Cape Canaveral LC-17B McDonnell Douglas USA-49 (GPS II-5) US Air Force ...

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