16th United States Congress - Members - House of Representatives - New York

New York

There were six plural districts, the 1st, 2nd, 12th, 15th, 20th & 21st, each had two representatives.

  • 1. James Guyon, Jr. (DR), from January 14, 1820
  • 1. Silas Wood (F)
  • 2. Henry Meigs (DR)
  • 2. Peter H. Wendover (DR)
  • 3. Caleb Tompkins (DR)
  • 4. Randall S. Street (F)
  • 5. James Strong (F)
  • 6. Walter Case (DR)
  • 7. Jacob H. De Witt (DR)
  • 8. Robert Clark (DR)
  • 9. Solomon Van Rensselaer (F)
  • 10. John D. Dickinson (F)
  • 11. John W. Taylor (DR)
  • 12. Ezra C. Gross (DR)
  • 12. Nathaniel Pitcher (DR)
  • 13. Harmanus Peek (DR)
  • 14. John Fay (DR)
  • 15. Joseph S. Lyman (DR)
  • 15. Robert Monell (DR)
  • 16. Henry R. Storrs (F)
  • 17. Aaron Hackley, Jr. (DR)
  • 18. William D. Ford (DR)
  • 19. George Hall (DR)
  • 20. Caleb Baker (DR)
  • 20. Jonathan Richmond (DR)
  • 21. Nathaniel Allen (DR)
  • 21. Albert H. Tracy (DR)

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