Zippo 200 at The Glen - Race Summaries

Race Summaries

  • 2008: Marcos Ambrose led the final stages in his Kingsford #59 car as the fans roared; they recalled Ambrose almost winning the previous year at Montreal in 2007 but being wrecked by a DQed Robby Gordon with 3 to go and ending up 7th. As they reached the final lap Ambrose was too far ahead for the runner ups; Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch and Dario Franchitti to try to pass him for the win but his worry was he reached the bumper of a lapped Boris Said; Ambrose and Boris Said had an incident at Mexico City that spring where Said after being wrecked by him (Ambrose) furiously wagged his finger at Ambrose as he went a lap down and vowed revenge; Marcos Ambrose had to hope that Said would not commit his payback and so to try to not anger Said, Ambrose followed him to the checkers and soon a caution came out on the final turn securing his first NNS win no matter if he was wrecked by Boris or passed by the others.
  • 2009: Marcos Ambrose left Kingsford to drive for the #47 car owned by a partnership with JTG Daughtery Racing and Michael Waltrip Racing. At the Glen he fought with driver Kyle Busch in a long battle ending when he accidentally caused Busch to land in an illegal place on the track and forced him to stop and reverse to get back in the pack which secured Ambrose's win. Ambrose won the race for the second time in a row with his daughter watching but under green than a caution. As he did his burnout Kyle Busch who refired his car in the middle of the pack to get the runner-up spot, expressed displeasure by giving him a retaliatory bump but he and Ambrose moved on the next day when Ambrose apologized for pushing Busch on the illegal spot. Due to Marcos Ambrose leaving Kingsford he had a new crew chief and was emotional about his win. His win at the Glen was overshadowed by his heartbreak the next two weeks later at Montreal Canada.
  • 2010: Marcos Ambrose was having a bad year with his #47 crew chief due to having unluckiness or coming close to winning but losing close to the finish; his heartbreak at Montreal the previous year, his Sprint Cup series heartbreak at Sonoma, engine problems, and some feuds with others haunted him until August. Ambrose in the final laps due to a pit stop call held off popular drivers Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano and Kyle Busch to take the 3rd consecutive win and in victory lane he expressed more emotion about beating a new record of the second driver to win 3 consecutive Glen wins.
  • 2011: Kurt Busch broke Marcos Ambrose's consecutive streak by winning against Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano, Kyle Busch and Paul Menard. Marcos Ambrose did not race due to him trying to practice for his NSCS win hopes that weekend with new team Richard Petty Motorsports; his practice for the cup series than nationwide likely led him to win his first NASCAR Sprint Cup series win that weekend on RPM.
  • 2012: Carl Edwards makes his return to the Nationwide series due to him not making the chase for the Sprint Cup in 2012 unlike the previous year where he almost won the 2011 championship; battled former rival Brad Keselowski; the fans wondered breathless if Keselowski and Edwards would refire their previous ended rivalry; following Edwards being crashed by Keselowski at Talladega in 2009 and several retaliations against each other in 2010 they were ordered to settle down and so the fans wondered if the race would be controversial against Edwards and Keselowski but instead Edwards drove to victory lane in the 2012 Zippo 200 without a wrecked or contact with Keselowski and in victory lane both Keselowski and Edwards confirmed that they no longer dislike each other.

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