Zhejiang Medical University - President


List of Presidents :

School Name Office Period Name (in Chinese) Title (in Chinese)
Zhejiang Medical College Oct 1951 - Apr 1955 Hong Shilu (洪式闾) President (院长(兼))
Zhejiang Medical College May 1956 - Sep 1958 Wang Zhongqiao (王仲侨) President (院长)
Zhejiang Medical University Feb 1960 - Sep 1963 Zheng Ping (郑平) President (校长(兼))
Zhejiang Medical University Mar 1964 - Nov 1968 Li Lanyan (李兰炎) President (校长(兼))
Zhejiang Medical University Jul 1978 - Mar 1979 Wang Yaoting (王耀庭) President (校长(兼))
Zhejiang Medical University Mar 1979 - Jan 1984 Wang Jiwu (王季午) President (校长)
Zhejiang Medical University Jan 1984 - Nov 1996 Zheng Shu (郑树) President (校长)
Zhejiang Medical University Nov 1996 - Sep 1998 Chen Zhaodian (陈昭典) President (校长)
Zhejiang Medical University Jan 1984 - Sep 1998 Wang Jiwu (王季午) Honorary President (名誉校长)

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