Zentveld & Oomen - Angel City

Angel City

Angel City is a dance project by Zentveld and Oomen, fronted by the British female singer, Lara McAllen. The majority of their songs are dance covers. The group were signed to Ministry of Sound record labels Boss Records and Data Records. Their hit "Do You Know (I Go Crazy)" sampled the instrumental track "Children" by Robert Miles, as well as the lyrics from "Do You Know" by Michelle Gayle. It was their biggest hit, peaking at #8 in the UK Singles Chart. Their hit, "Touch Me", sampled the lyrics from Cathy Dennis' hit, "Touch Me (All Night Long)". Their fourth song, "Sunrise", was a cover of a track of the same name by Ashiva, and was a Top 10 hit in the UK and across Europe in February 2005. One of the co-writers of this tune, S. Shawcross also co-wrote "City Lights" (which featured on the Angel City album) and has since become an artist in her own right, performing under the name Sarah Lucie Shaw.

Angel City singer Lara McAllen left the group in 2005 to pursue a solo career. However, she re-joined Angel City in late 2006, and featured in the band's 2007 single, "24/7", but this was ultimately never released. In July 2010, a promo clip of a new song called "How Do You Sleep" was posted on Dance Nation's website.

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