Zeme Naga

Zeme Naga is one of the sub-groups of Zeliangrong people. The Zeme inhabits the Northeastern states of India. Zemes reside in Dima Hasao of Assam, Tousem Sub-Division of Tamenglong district and Senapati district of Manipur, and Peren district of Nagaland. They are also thought to be residing in Tripura but it is yet to be deciphered.They have close ethnic/cultural affinity with three other cognate tribes, viz. Liangmai, Rongmei and Inpuimei Nagas of Manipur, Assam and Nagaland. Zeme professes 'Paupaise' (indigenous belief system), 'Christianity' and 'Heraka'.

In Manipur, Zemes and Liangmais together were recognised as "Kacha Naga", while the Rongmei and Npuimei as "Kabui". Zeme and Liangmai tribes are recognised as Zeliang by government of Nagaland (excluded Rongmei and Npuimei). The word "Kacha" is wrongly spelled. The actual word is "Ketsa" which originally is an Angami Naga word for thick forest. In 2012, the Zeme along with the Liangmai, Rongmei and Inpui in Manipur have been recognized as separate Schedules Tribes by the Government.

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