Yusuf - Given Name

Given Name

  • Jusuf Dajić, Bosnian footballer
  • Jusuf Hatunić, Bosnian footballer
  • Youcef Abdi, Australian athlete
  • Youcef Belaïli, Algerian footballer
  • Youcef Ghazali, Algerian footballer
  • Youcef Nadarkhani, Iranian sentenced to death for Christian beliefs.
  • Youcef Touati, Algerian footballer
  • Yousif Ghafari, American businessman
  • Yousif Hassan, Emirati footballer
  • Yusof bin Ishak (1910-1970), first President of Singapore
  • Youssef Aftimus (1866–1952), Lebanese civil engineer and architect
  • Youssef Karam (1823–1889), Lebanese nationalist leader
  • Youssif (burn victim), Iraqi torture victim
  • Youssouf Bakayoko, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Côte d'Ivoire
  • Youssouf Hadji (born 1980), Moroccan footballer
  • Youssouf Hersi (born 1982), Dutch soccer player
  • Yossef Gutfreund (1932-1972), Israeli wrestling judge
  • Yossef Karami (born 1983), Iranian Taekwondo athlete
  • Yossef Romano (1940-1972), Arab weightlifter
  • Yousuf Ludhianvi (1932-2000), Muslim scholar
  • Yussef al-Shihri, (1985-2009), Former extrajudicial detainee at Guantanamo Bay
  • Yusuf II, Almohad Caliph, Almohad caliph
  • Yusuf Balasaghuni, Uyghur scribe
  • Yusuf Dadoo, South African communist activist
  • Yusuf Dikeç (born 1983), Turkish sport shooter
  • Yusuf Ekinci, Turkish lawyer
  • Yusuf Hamied, Indian billionaire
  • Yusuf ibn Tashfin, king of the Berber Almoravid empire
  • Yusuf Islam, British musician known as Cat Stevens
  • Yusuf Kurtuluş, Turkish footballer
  • Yusuf Ma Dexin, Chinese Muslim scholar
  • Yusuf Nabi, Turkish writer
  • Yusuf Öztürk, Turkish boxer
  • Yusuf Öztürk, Turkish footballer
  • Yusuf Salman Yusuf, Iraqi communist activist
  • Yusuf Şimşek, Turkish footballer
  • Yusuf Uçar (born 1987), Turkish Paralympian goalball player
  • Yusuf Yazici, Turkish scientist
  • Yusuf Yilmaz, Turkish footballer

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