Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli

Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli (Azerbaijani: Yusif Vəzir Çəmənzəminli), also spelled Chemenzeminli, born Yusif Mirbaba oghlu Vazirov (12 September 1887, Shusha - 3 January 1943, Sukhobezvodnoye Gulag camp near the present-day Nishny Novgorod) was an Azerbaijani statesman and writer known for his novels, short stories, essays, and diaries. According to Azerbaijani researchers, Chamanzaminli was the main author of the famous romance novel Ali and Nino first published in 1937 in Austria under the pen-name of Kurban Said, yet due to his lack of knowledge in the German language, his authorship of the novel, which was written in German, remains questionable. More substantive claims attribute this novel and other works of Kurban Said to Lev Nussimbaum who also wrote under the pen-name of Essad Bey.


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