Yume No Uta/Futari De...

"Yume no Uta/Futari de..." (夢のうた/ふたりで…, "Dream Song/Together"?) is Koda Kumi's 33rd single under the Rhythm Zone label. Both songs have their own covers for both the CD-only version and CD+DVD version.

Unusually enough, the songs both use the same melody. The arrangements differ, as well as the lyrics and vocals—whereas "Yume no Uta" is a piano-driven power ballad, "Futari de..." is a simpler pop ballad lead with music box. This was done because the single is set as a two-story ballad, with each song representing different sides and outcomes of the same love story.

"Yume no Uta" was included on "Black Cherry" whereas "Futari de..." was not. "Yume no Uta" was used as the drama Damen's Walker's theme song.

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